Torro Del Lago, Puccini, Italy 

Arthur Cotterell Theatre, Kingston

'Property of Society' is a fully devised, physical theatre piece looking at gender and what it means to balance the feminine and masculine within us all in a patriarchal society. We follow one childs battle into adulthood, compromising areas of oneself to conform to society. Told through ensemble movement we ask ourselves- What titles do we place on our children? What expectations do we have of them? And how does media and society truly effect the growth of our young people?  

    JADA Young Company had the honour to take part in Teatro Rumore's Theatre Festival in Italy June 2016.

As an actor it was an incredible experience to be able to perform oversea's and meet actors and directors from many European countries. 

We took part in many workshops throughout the week and had the chance to watch a varied amount of theatre during the festivals duration.As the message of the piece was portrayed all through physical movement, a foreign audience were able to understand and connect with every moment performed. 

Physical Theatre was a new challenge as an actor that I was able to overcome during my training for this piece. It helped me understand the elements of an ensemble and the process of devising a theatre performance.

HOSPITAL FOOD (National Thetare Connections) 


Palace Theatre, Southend 

Theatre Royal, Stratford

  Set in the present day, ten teenagers from the ages 14 to 17 are the residents of a teenage cancer unit in a city hospital. All of them (a mix of boys and girls) are undergoing various conventional treatments for different cancers at different stages of progression. Their shared illness bonds them and they support each other as they reveal their fears and hopes for the future while confronting, head on, the very real prospects of untimely death.  -  Eugene O'Hare

Review from

"Each youngster has a heartfelt story and I felt especially moved by Sadie's tale of her pet dog, told beautifully with a very natural performance from Mari Beaseley"

Playing the character of Sadie was a great test of my acting ability. Sadie was a resident of teenage cancer unit at a city hospital which required depth and emotion as well as vulnerability.

The first few weeks of rehearsals consisted of intense characterisation exercises, to enable the entirety of the cast to come close to understanding the pain and the emotions that their character would have faced. This aided in giving a performance that was a natural as possible.



Rose Theatre 

International Youth Arts Festival Kingston

Performed in a Transverse setting, this piece follows a group of young adults, who have left or lost their homes and are stuck living on the streets of London. We follow their journey through drugs, love, manipulation and their fight to be seen against the pavement that they sleep on. 

In this production I was cast to play Carly a young girl of 14 years, who is struggling with her sisters absence from home. Carly is jealous of her sisters new life in London and begs to go live with her, little does Carly know, her older sister is homeless and caught up with some bad people.