FRAYED - Lead Role 'Girl'

by Nicholas Winter

UNDERCOVER HOOLIGAN - Featured Artist Playing Ada

by Nicholas Winter

I'M COLD - Lead Role 'Anna'

A Word from the Director Alexander Thorn "Mari is a young highly competent actor. She is extremely reliable and takes direction in a highly collaborative way, open to discussing ideas and trying out different performances. For me it was the subtle moments in her acting that I find most impressive and gave the best level of depth and emotion to a film and its a joy editing both films I have worked on with Mari and discovering those moments that take it from a good performance, to a great performance. Above all Mari is so passionate about her craft and always open to learning and improving, an essential skill at her age. She shows 100 percent trust in me as a Director which I value hugely. I am sure I will be working with Mari in future projects".

RUN - Lead Role 'Suzanne'

Directed by Daniel Young - Written by James Craigie - Produced by Michelle Barry

Stop It Before It Starts - Fixers Campaign

Role 'Megan'